August 17, 2010

High Five again!

Anush had a full day on her Fifth birthdate.

To care and share

Anush's school here is very thoughtful- they acknowledged the dry fruits and Tsunamikas sent to school with a lovely hand written note from the teacher.

To learn

Made it to the Flower Show post school with Anush. Not crowded but a bit of a let down after all the hype. Also some of the flowers had wilted being day 4.

But the Lal Bagh experience is certainly worth it as usual. Anush also is in reading- spelling mode and hence was busy reading the flower names..

Since I had taken half a day off for this, she wanted to know why I could not work only half days henceforth!!

To eat

My mother indulged her with a yummy carrot cake which Anush cut without any help as she calimed since she was 5 now!!

We took her to Mc Donalds with Aditi( Aditi's first visit to McD). Since Anushka is such a good veggie- fruit eater- and anyway she does not have the cutlet in the burger, we take her here. She also enjoyed maple donuts from her favourite cousin-uncles.

To play

Anush flew a kite we had got at Dastkaar and got a surprise book gift through courier from ranjini at ST.

To wear
She wore a couple of new outfits yesterday.


ChoxBox said...


MindfulMeanderer said...

:) Sounds perfect! a High Five indeed! Lots of love to anush.

RGB said...

That's wonderful. A day well spent!

Arundhati said...

Sounds perfect!

Priya said...

Belated Birthday wishes to anush! Can you let me know from where you got the tsunamikas ?? do we have to make a donation ?? thanks.

B o o. said...

Belated Birthday wishes to darling little Anush. Wishing her a wonderful year ahead! Hugs and kisses from a fond aunty!

How do we know said...

Congratulations!! How time flies!!! And soon Aditi will be 1 too!!

artnavy said...

i recall how ur courier came in last yr just before her bday or on it

tsunamikas u can get from volunteers / ambassadors

it is up to you to donate as you wish but i feel that Rs 100 for the small steps bags and Rs 30-40 for the tsunamikas is a good amount to give


small steps-