July 02, 2010

It is a woman thing!

Have you heard of Aurat by Kaifi Azmi? It is so inspiring and I feel optimistic that there must be many such men out there, if this one held such sentiments so long ago.

On a similar tone, is this tag from IHM - I was not tagged by anyone on it. But I loved it and am taking it up....feel free to do so yourself.

  1. I retained my maiden name post marriage.
  2. My hair has often been shorter than my male colleagues
  3. I have/still travel alone a lot at night , outstation, out of the country, new cities, etc. I have lived in a hostel by myself . I do not like being escorted because I can take care of myself.
  4. I have worn sleeveless/ shorts without waxing. ( no longer do that though)
  5. I have never owned high heels ( but well I do not need them). I hardly wear jewelry.
  6. I do not enjoy office gossip ( but in my office I think the men enjoy it more)
  7. I enjoy a good appetite-could eat as much as a teenage boy, even in my lean and slim days
  8. I do not like pink as much as I favour blues and browns
  9. I have no problem with cockroaches ( though I raise a hue and cry about frogs/ lizards)
  10. I take pride in planning our travel , shifting, packing etc. I am the expert navigator that Navy can rely on- on the road and in life!!

Some of the manly(?) things I am proud to say I try NOT to do in public- burp/ fart/ scratch / dig in public...

Some of the girlie(?) things I enjoy - clothes/ books shopping, saris, romantic movies, filmi news, cookery shows, home decor, cooking, kids


starry eyed said...

I'm the navigator and planner too! Loved the list! And you are so right about men gossiping, GAWD!

Itchingtowrite said...

LOL at burp fart.. add also nose digging !!

Indian Home Maker said...

Lost my comment twice!!!

Here's a link to the Kaifi Aazmi nazm in his own voice, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w61ELibfQiY

Short hair, traveling on your own (and at night), no love for jewelry and a good appetite! You are totally a sinner against gender stereotypes!! Please pick your navy blue, Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes Badge!

artnavy said...

Thanks IHM

for the link and the badge!And leaving a comment despite losing it!

itchy/ starry

IBH said...

oh god Art! now i know why we get along well :))) 10 on 10 on this one :)

i will even add , no make up for every except on my wedding day!

has driven 350 CC bike on the Ecity highway almost every single day...

love almost all of the dangerous rides than my husband in any amusement park :)

IBH said...

and many many things against the sterotypes..

1. have been the only girl student at the Electric Gadgets classes when all my girl friends would be in craft class at school

2. havebeen the only girl student at the mridangam class

dipali said...

I was going to tag you for this!
I am also the navigator in our home, though I no longer drive.

artnavy said...

dipali/ IBH
- :-))

we are all birds of a feather are we not??