July 01, 2010


Anush declared that she wanted to dress up in a paavadai chattai for school it being her parents’ wedding anniversary. She also insisted on sharing nuts ( peanuts) with her classmates. We coaxed her to take cashews instead. She seems to have told her teacher” This is my way of sharing happiness on my parents’ Kalyanam day!!” Kala tikka.

Anush and I also got into Shruti’s hall of fame with our puzzle block India map for June’s Artsy Craftsy!! Thanks Shruti, though we thought the corn to be our cooler entry:-)

South Indies Infantry road was where we went for dinner last night.

The good- I loved the takeaway gift- a small bharani pickle jar with ginger pickle in it. The food was excellent in terms of the choice and the starters were great. The ambiance was lovely. Aditi behaved really well at the restaurant though we had a just miss instance with a ceramic plate.

The bad- the main course was a bit too gravy/ spicy for our taste. The dessert was a complete let down.

The ugly- Also if one person at the table orders a set menu thali, the entire table has to have set meals!!

On the other hand we had a wonderful Rajasthani- Gujrati meal from Chowka, Tippasandra, home delivered, on my parent’s wedding anniversary last week. This was really tasty though the portions are so huge it makes it a bit too much of a good thing


R's Mom said...

Wow..anush is so cute :):) and congrats on the win :)

starry eyed said...

Congrats on the win! Liked your good, bad, ugly review, think that's a super way of writing abt a restaurant!

sandhya said...

Loved the fact that Anush wanted to share your anniversary with her friends. And a delayed wish to both of you!

Artnavy said...

r's mom/ starry- :-)

sandhya- i was so amused and
amazed- kids are so loving!

Momo's Ma said...

Liked Anush way of sharing her happiness with others and congrats on the win. :)

Shankari said...

Congrats on your win. I liked the corn one better too :)

I think the tippasandra one is preffered by my brother and his family also! In fact they went to that restuarant about a month ago.

Arundhati said...

Loved that gesture by Anush, very sweet

Congrats! I liked both those entries, but I thought the corn idea was cooler too :)

Uma said...

Congrats! The puzzle one was really creative!