June 29, 2010


Saw the beetle/VW yesterday in Chennai. Immediately reminded me of Herbie and Lovebug.

An Anushism:
While playing doctor with her kit, she had a form to fill- she insists on asking the one on gender - she asked my father: "Thaathu, are you a man or a gentleman?"

Did you know that you get Madhubani and Warli art kits for kids?


sandhya said...

LOL on the Anushism! And where do you ger these art kits?

artnavy said...

toys r us

in chennai - i guess they shld have a branch in blore? maybe any good toy shop shld also stock them

will give u links shortly

starry eyed said...

LOL! at least she didn't ask you if you were a woman or a lady ;) Div had done that to me!

Sree said...



Please check it out and it would be great if you could do a post along these lines, would love to see your inputs.

artnavy said...


will post a review once Anush uses the kits

Shankari said...

LOL at Anushism :)

utbtkids said...

Art, reg your first comment, there is a toys r us in Chennai???


artnavy said...

actually i think it is -
toys r here( nungambakkam) and humara toys ( anna nagar)

i somehow registered wrong.... but they are well stocked anyway

sree- i will try and pull out what i had done on this earlier