June 28, 2010

Best foot forward

Anush had a bonus visit from her friend when her pick up arrangement from school backfired. Girls, at any age, just know how to have fun.
On the other hand, she slept right through a visit from her cousin uncles, who had come to spend time with her!!

Made a quick trip to Chintamani over the weekend. All in all a lot of fun.

My parents celebrated their wedding anniversary on Saturday. A close family friend shares the date and all of them went to ISKON. My memory of the Mumbai ISKON is dominated by the ghee fried puris.

Off to Chennai today


newmumontheblock said...

LOL my memories of ISKON Mumbai are the same too! Coupled with the MIL urging me to have some puris since I was expecting at the time and she was sure the excess ghee would help the baby slip out nice and smooth :)

The Print Lover said...

Aditi looks super adorable in the header. Good to see her "ladoo cheeks" are still there :)

artnavy said...

thanks TPL
same pinch newmum