June 15, 2010

Food fiesta- VV Puram

We have been wanting to explore Bangalore's equivalent of Naashtha galli in Ahmedabad.
The Food street at VV Puram. Embarked with our two kiddos and the two of us, all excited.

Anush had wanted to go to Mc Donald's where she enjoys burgers MINUS the cutlets!! Instead we began with roasted American corn which was wonderful- we had simple masala raw mango corn- they even roast baby corn here !

There were many stalls - bajjis, idlis, dosas of course abounded as did chaat
But we chose one Mumbai pav bhaji stall and one akki roti and ragi roti stall - they delighted.

As for the famous ubbat( puran poli/ boli) well it was tasty when it was hot but average as it cooled down.

Also we did a takeaway of the capsicum bajji with shredded carrot and onion in it- fantastic!!
VB bakery seems to be popular though we did not go there

Go there for the experience even if you are not into street food.
If you love food ensure you get yourself the crisp akki roti and yummy capsicum bonda
Better to go without kids if you can, unless they are 7 yrs plus and do not mind smoke, crowds and waiting. I understand it is open only in the evenings.

And to think people lament the loss of push carts which are rare now on the street.


Shankari said...

I mentioned this post to H! He loves VVPuram and his childhood Sundays were spent eating here. All his relatives stay in and around that area, they would all get out on Sundays and just eat. Takeaways from VB Bakery would cover monday mornings and "i wish I was eating out tonight" monday evening wishes :)

Artnavy said...

oh shankari- Good to find a fellow street food lover

going by the comments or the lack of them I guess most people avoid road side food nowadays!!

Shankari said...

oh H and I are street foodies any given day. Me more so than him. Every time we travel down, I find time to go and eat at someplace that we used to frequent or is highly recommended by other street foodies :) Next time, I will take your feedback for sure! :)

artnavy said...

same pinch

Choxbox said...

all sounds yum!