May 18, 2010

Messing up!!

I try to be tidy and clean but am better at the former.
I find Navy is better at the latter.
What about you?

Go here for a review of The Gudbuds get out of a mess.


Unknown said...

Yup clean is more imp for me.. Tidy is what i try to do.. but both PC n lil P are messsy as hell! Hey Art, No crafts from u this time???

Artnavy said...

on crafts
Need to do so shruti
somehow working from home keeps me more busy than before!!

was not in time for paper mache but will send u our pics

hopefully will do some thing today/ trow for the thermocol challenge

Arundhati said...

I am organised n neat, I tidy up... but I'm no good at cleaning. S is so *GOOD* at cleaning, I kept saying he has an alternate profession when v moved recently.
Felt good to read ur post n know that I have company :)
But his cupboard is such a mess... and he leaves things lying around.

sandhya said...

As I have said somewhere earlier, Art's house gave me a complex. I am quite sloppy and as a result my house is always untidy. Although I do like to keep it clean, which is normally is. In fact, there is a fridge magnet put up here which says- "I cleaned my house last week: Sorry you missed it!"

Choxbox said...

love the header. what bliss!

utbtkids said...

I used to be neat and ultra organized, bordering on compulsive :)

But it was just one messy husband to control.

With one husband and two kids, who are all messy, they have successfully broken me.

Now I have settled for everything heaped and clean in the right place.

Unknown said...

I hear u utbt. Same in my household too.