May 17, 2010

A Magical Weekend

Took Anuska to the PC Sorkar Master's magic show ( 9th generation) They still do Water of India. Though some of the tricks are a treat, the presentation and the costumes have not kept pace with the times except for a Mickey mascot ( which I thought was an inappropriate touch).

But who cares what I think, all the kids including mine loved it and Anush was not scared at all through the show, possibly because of all the preparation before hand by us that it was all tricks and no one was really getting hurt!!

Next I need to take Anush to a circus and I need to visit the Gandhi Shilp Bazaar

We went to Chamrajpet Brahmin's cafe idli stall and it was so crowded! The highlight here is the white butter topping on the idli and there is NO sambar- only chutney. They also serve vada and sweet and kara upma, none of which I fancy. They are shut on Sundays.

We went for a sari shop inauguration ( navy's uncle's) and the holy communion of a little boy. Very different experiences but both very warm and beautiful.

It lashed rain last evening and the bamboos looked gorgeous swaying in teh strong wind and luckily none of them were hurt/ broken.

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Unknown said...

:) Awesome!
I'm not sure Circus will b a good idea.

starry eyed said...

The kids were totally absorbed in the magic show! We kept up a running commentary thru the cutting n slicing illusions, so that the kids wouldn't think it was smart to try stuff like that. Quite gory!

I liked the costumes for being 'decent'...I'm old-fashioned like that! And we realised why the groundfloor seats were more expensive...we missed out on PC Sorcar walking among us!

Anonymous said...

Header pic is too gud..Aditi has grown up.....Choo chweet

Artnavy said...

LOl at your post

gory it was
costumes cld have been better fitting, less Govindaish I felt


Swati said...

Good to know that you had fun and you are enjoying Bangalore :)

Aditi looks so much like Anush in that pic ..or is that Anush's baby pic ?

Artnavy said...

it is indeed aditi:-))