May 24, 2010

Green and sour raw mangoes

We went to a mango farm at Chintamani, Kolar.

What did we see but lovely large green and sour raw mangoes, that we ate all day long indeed.... as the house favourite when it comes to rhymes- Karadi rhyme goes

Oh what fun we had.

Anush's first hand touch of a beetle or whatever this beautiful crawly thing is-

Aditi's first at an orchard-

Also saw cashewnut tree, the hard outer fruit that we place at Ganesh Chaturti, jack fruit trees, broom stick plants and even a lovely dry basket like flower.
BTW on our way back, we noticed that the Parabhat circus has left town.

And the Mangalore Mishap is just so sad. I was in that very airport a couple of weeks ago and had commented to my colleague on the hill like airport which makes you feel a rush, since you can see the valley and the drop, if the craft misses.....


Minka said...

Oooh those red bugs are called velvet poochies ( what , you were expecting the scientific name ?) . I remember we used to collect them in Hyderabad by the dozens and "grow" them in glass jars with mud in it .

Gayatri said...

- the red bug is scary....looks so artificially red!!!

Uma said...

Anush is quite brave - she let the beetle stay on her hand for he snap!

Artnavy said...


no it really did not seem scary

she held it much longer- wanted to bring it home as a pet as well!!

navy and I r hardly cool folks that way-

anush picked it up due to Navy's friend who coaxed her to- he happens to own the orchard as well....

starry eyed said...

The pic of Aditi is so yummy!!! She's a doll!

sandhya said...

You have made my mouth water! Will be going to Russel market next week for raw mangoes to make pickle.

Shankari said...

the red bug does looks scary.. am surprised she let it be on her hand! Na and I would have totally freaked out :) Chintamani happens to be a place on our to-do list the next time we visit.. so will try to go around this time just to get to the mangoes :) Thanks for sharing..

Choxbox said...

lovely pix as usual. echo starry re aditi!

Artnavy said...

starry / chox- tnx!

my mom makes awesome maharashtrian style mango pickle

why dont u come with us next time- btw where are u based ?? email me??

Usha said...

love that expression on aditi's face - i think that is how she looked at me too when she saw me first!!

Artnavy said...

She must have thought who is this yummy looking aunty!!

Mama - Mia said...

what a fun day out Art!! :) LOVED the photos of both the girls!!