March 01, 2010

Spin a yarn

Anushka and I managed to attend the Carnival of Stories on Saturday. I must say it was a mixed bag.

Liked the story tellers- Richard, Jeeva and Craig. Was not impressed by some of the other acts. Especially let down by the puppet show ( Flying Flower) but for a few quirky surprises that were thrown in.

I think this was compounded by the fact that the sound system was way too loud and the place was hot!

I saw some of the tips given in the day long workshop in practice by the more veteran storytellers.

The story telling workshop was interesting, with Craig Jenkins and Jeeva as the instructors. Their energy levels are awesome. I had Uma of Adya's fame for company, which made it even nicer.

But I felt the participants were too few and mostly teachers. A better mix would have made it more stimulating. Also there were NO men in the workshop- don't men like to tell stories...???

Was sad to hear Singalong is disbanded due to lack of sponsorship!! I feel like minded parents could do something to enable this show to go along.

March begins and the current Chennai chapter of my life is drawing to a close. There are some thoughts, places, memories that I wish to capture under The Chennai Chronicles. Indulge me !

Happy Holi!


Uma said...

Art - thanks so much...wouldn't have done this on my own :)
I completely agree with you on the sound part. It was much too loud!

Unknown said...

Award for u

Choxbox said...

Yup I guess it must've been rather hot in your parts..

Didn't catch Flower Power as it was on at the same time as Jeeva's act - but the other puppet show - The Little Blue Planet was truly fab. Try and catch that one if you can.

The Print Lover said...

Looking fwd to Chennai Chronicles. I should've met you the last time I was there :(

Artnavy said...

thanks all

chox- missed it- Blue planet was on a work day at a far off venue from my place