December 12, 2009

Size matters

Here is a small tree with large decorations- I guess it is the intent that counts!!

Met a few friends over the weekend. Always adds to the celebration.

Anushka was over excited and Aditi alternated between angelic and difficult

Anushka mentioned to one of them that Aditi loves her maximum and that 2010 was next year. ( she has just learnt that word a few days back) She was also able to explain it much to his delight....and mine.

Here are some pics of what the kids got from apu. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. And she got the size right though she has not seen them in a while


Bhavana said...

Nice tree.yes, intent is what counts.
Love the pic of Aditi. Very cute.

Choxbox said...


anupama said...

yep..that tree sure looks huge on intent and lovely pic of ure daughter!!!

Swati said...

lovely pic. 2010 is next year

apu said...

oooh nice! glad to see that it all fit :)