December 14, 2009

Not so must

Went to a restaurant called Mast kalandar, very close to Fab India, Besant nagar. They are a Bangalore chain.

While the Rajasthani platter sounded and tasted good, the drinks and chaat were a let down. The malpua tried to make up for them though.

I was told by a reliable source that the Christmas pantomime this time was not too great. So gave it a miss.

Yet to see Rocket Singh, Paa and Ajab prem.... awaiting them on dvds or more likely on Tata sky Showcase.

While on Tata Sky, I was wondering why anyone will opt for Sun direct , given that it is without the extra fittings- active and showcase. But Sun is much cheaper and would appeal to those not looking for new films I suppose.


Deepa said...


Have you tried the rajasthani thali at Saravana Bhavan's rangoli (basement)? I think it's good!


Deepa said...

oops, forgot to link the comment!


Choxbox said...

Not a huge fan of Mast Kalandar myself.

B o o said...

mast kalandar is in chennai now? wow! It was very close to our place in Blore and we were regulars there. sigh! i miss the food!

Sands said...

new place just walking distance from my home? Hmm. Have to check it out during my next visit.

Krishnan said...

Mast Kalandar was featured in this Sunday's Food Frenzy on NDTV Hindu. Do you watch this slot ?

Hot Chips has opened new outlet in Velachery Baby Nagar, restaurant is named Platter. Yet to check it out.