December 25, 2009

Dilli 2

Anush's cold and baby's slight discomfort not withstanding, we are having a good holiday.

Here are some snaps from the rail museum. While it is much larger and better stocked than the Chennai rail museum, I found that there was no personal touch and the rather infectious passion that the Chennai curator showed was missed. Also the ticket counters were often unmanned and the toy model train in a state of repair. The gift shop was well stocked though. Still definitely worth a visit.

Today is dear to me because Aditi turns a winsome three month old. All the best baby!!
Gave Akshardham a miss but will update you all based on my mother's visit.

And Merry Christmas all.


Anonymous said...

aditi is a brave trooper. going from chennai HOT to dilli cold.
and so are you.

starry eyed said...

Visit Gandhi Smriti if you can. It's awesome, my kids loved it...lots of audio-visual multimedia stuff, and interactive, brings Gandhiji alive.

Aditi looks adorable!

How do we know said...

wow... i heard that the cold touched nearly 2 degrees today.. all the best!!!

Am soooo sorry to have missed you..:-(

Hip Grandma said...

aditi looks cute.Why not put up a picture of the sisters in the header?

shawn trelly said...
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