December 24, 2009

Anushisms from Delhi

Anush enjoyed the flight - her first after growing up - in particular how everything looked like ants from the sky. Aditi slept right through the trip.

Anush had made paintings for each member of the entire extended family- while distributing them she explained one as " Rainbow in a single colour"

Anush enjoys narrating stories/ giving gyaan about Aditi to my cousins who are on an average 16 yrs old

She is so thrilled to reunite with her A Thaathu that it breaks me that he is not in Chennai.

And late last night while the cold made her cough terribly, I was struck by the warmth that being among family brings- most of my family is here.

This morning we went to the Rail Museum. More on this in the next post.


Monika said...

Awww Anshuisms are so sweet always

Sandhya said...

Wow..thats so sweet...I can feel the warmth of family members in your words...and I loved Anush's remark..rainbow in a single colour!

utbtkids said...

Children's book trust museum??! I mean, I have only read about it. The doll collection and all. If you chance upon it, update us.

utbtkids said...

Here you go.