November 27, 2009

Conspiracy art

I was very keen to attend this Thursday talk.
1. the subject ( Art and its impact on children) and the speaker ( Leela Samson) were of interest
2. the venue was Anush's school- pretty close by- the whole outing would have taken just an hour or so

I was all set since my mom is also back from Mumbai and I did not have to worry about the kids. BUT

- Anush decided to nap late and wake up just when I had to leave.
She was at her crankiest best wanting to eat boli ( puran poli) suddenly!!

- The Insurance agent decided to turn up to bug my mom

- My favorite BIL surprised us with a visit shortly thereafter

- A friend from office wanted to drop in to see Aditi

Anyway, had a good time and indulged in finger and ladies finger art with Anush at home and of course excelled at the Art of living through another change in plans.


Choxbox said...

leela samson would've been super!
she was one of the speakers at the international montessori conference btw. also recently saw an interesting book by her for children that talks about indian dances.

Subhashree said...

People hell-bent on having fun, will have fun, no matter what. What say?

Subhashree said...
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artnavy said...

both of u r so right