October 27, 2009

Scaling hillocks

While the fact is that we largely converse in English at home, Anush's vocab still leaves me surprised!

Anush accurately describing her art work of a mountain scene~this is a hillock, some hills and this is a mountain~

Anushka tells her father~ You are not responding appa... I asked you...~

Anushka' school review, last Friday, left me gloating. Not just her growing academic skills but also what they had to say about Anushka the classmate/ the person/ the student as she is in school.

I know I am supposed to be grown up and display equanimity but well... you know me:-)

Anushka's timings are also likely to get extended in a month or so.

We were told we can apply for Aditi when she is six months old!!


Choxbox said...

Congrats! Vocab explosion leaves one floored right?! We are all comrades in the Gloating Mommies Club!

And at 6 mo? That late?! ;)

p.s.: Must tell you about this pre-school in Ldn that I called when i was 3 mo PREGNANT and was told that my baby would be on a waiting list!! And they were not kidding!

VJ said...

Wow !!!
very very impressed with Anush's vocab.

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Which school in Chennai is this?

Anonymous said...


Congrats at being the "perfect little girl" both at home and at school.


artnavy said...

chox- :-)

vj- today she mentioned the names of rain- shower, drizzle, cyclone!! something i had mentioned as part of a story a while ago

sowmya- mail me

beena- when r u in india next?

VJ said...

Wow!! They aren't simple words. It's amazing that she has picked it up sometime ago, remember it and used it today

Mama - Mia said...

off to google the difference between em! :p


Poppins said...

And I as always have the reverse problem - I also hear a very glowing review of D and I'm left wondering - 'Really? Or are they just trying to be nice?' I know, me of little faith :)

dipali said...


artnavy said...

poppy- dont be so cynical now!!

schools are very rational now a days- they have no reason to sugar coat ... at least the montessori ones do not believe in it here

dipali- also "impossible" and so on