October 20, 2009

Lost and found

Some random things lost and found:

  • The other day I thought I had lost my blog to another site- a religious one-because i missed an S in the url in the word blogspot!!
  • Anush lost her interest in school over the last week with so much fun and visitors at home. The long weekend did not help , further extended by her cough. Today she seems to have found her humour back with respect to school and has gone willingly.
  • Memories of sleepless nights come surging back as Aditi has slowly started waking up for longer hours. But she remains manageable still with my mother to the rescue when it is too tiring for me.
  • My toes- I can see them well and clear unlike the last 8 months.
  • My ex bosses- two of them in fact- re-established contact with one and strengthened ties with another. The latter was always a friend but we had not met in a looooong time- he is the one who indulged Anush with the lovely dress. The former shared Aditi's birthday and since he happens to be extremely accomplished I hope some of that will rub off on to Aditi :-))


starry eyed said...

Lol at finding your toes!

Good luck with the sleepless nights:(

starry eyed said...

Oh and I've also typed "blogpsot" a coupla times and got the fright of my life!

Choxbox said...

aaah sleep..

hope A's cough is okay now. like i was telling you, i am literally reliving things shot by shot!

artnavy said...

starry- :-))

chox- yes she is much better now