October 19, 2009

Diwali 2009

This Diwali was extra sweet with Aditi also joining us. We spent the morning in the Velachery home complete with a festive meal, lamps, guests, home decor and new clothes.

We used the occasion to have our first visit with her to our home in Pallikarnai, since we have been at our Velachery home since her birth.

Aditi was dressed up in her first onsie that Anush picked out and Anush herself was looking rather sweet in a crimson salwar kameez or as she corrected me- chudidar kamez. After the conventional welcome, we lit diyas, took Aditi through the house, spent some time in the kids room.

Anush graciously showed her the new cupboard and the musical toy she had saved up for her.
Anushka had also got her first present for her sister- a piggy bank, when she had gone out with my mother. So that was duly filled with money and given to the little one by the not so little one. I hoped Anush would always be that generous towards Aditi but who can tell.....

We got back to the Velachery home after meeting friends in the other home, exchanging sweets and snacks, bursting crackers ( only the low noise variety in a weak attempt at environ consciousness)
Other updates
  • Our doc review revealed that Aditi is progressing well. I have lost more weight than I had gained during pregnancy- much needed progress this.
  • Anush is down with a bad cough post Diwali and is home today much to her delight!
  • My Appa has left for Delhi and the house feels empty without him.
  • Navy is adept at holding and caring for Aditi unlike a lot of men who seem diffident around infants
  • My mother and I were just discussing how it seems as though Aditi has been around for a very long time though it has not even been a month!!Babies do grow on you just as they do in you.
  • Anush has attended three birthday parties without my chaperoning her and is pretty fine about it and I was told by the host that she behaved very well and did not waste food either- took only what she could eat!Proud momma I am.
  • I have begun daily walks with her- although short ones at the moment


starry eyed said...

Anush is looking so very pretty! Glad to know she's an independent birthday party guest now...it's nice when they don't have to be accompanied everywhere! We're dropping both off at a party today and going out for lunch;)

xoxoxoxo to both girls!

apu said...

lovely to hear all the updates about the girls (and you :)...

artnavy said...

thanks both

IBH said...

she looked so lovely in her dress that i couldnt take my eyes off of her...and i was proudly telling about her to my mom..

i forgot to tell u this....when i pouring the juice..i had mentioned to Anush that since you have cold, juice will aggrevate the cold so am not giving you juice....and when i was giving away chips...she coems and asks if amma had said not to eat chips....she is such a well behaved kid Art...you must be really proud of her..she deserves every good thing in this world...such a lovely daughter you have *kala tikka* and now with Aditi...i was telling Sue the other day that if someone is fit for being a great elder sis...it is Anush :)

choxbox said...

see i told you you'll be a pro at two kids too!

artnavy said...

thanks so much- the dress is a gift from my ex boss and friend

anush is at the doc with my mom for her cough- hope she gets well soon

she was mahaa excited with the gifts

send me some pics wont you?
hope u r doing better

i feel lose my cool too often but i do try not to:-))

itchingtowrite said...

and she was looking maha cute in that dress in kaju's b;day. cudn't take eyes off her!

Monika,Ansh said...

Happy Diwali to you & your family. Sounds like a great one :)
Love the dress on Anush & Aditi looks like a darling.
Hope Anush gets better with her cold.
How did u manage to already lose the weight? It took a full year for me to do so.

artnavy said...

monika- i am just THAT overweight and also i had only put on 4 kgs thru pregnancy

itchy- tnx- she said she had fun with the kids

Monika said...

awww she looks damn adorable

and good to know the updates

happy diwali

Poppins said...

She looks adorable in the header - been reading all the posts with a warm feeling :)

Please do put up a Nazar Hatao icon on your blog!

artnavy said...

monika/poppy- thanks

poppy- done

Hip Grandma said...

anush looks very tall in the photo on the header.Or has she taken after you and is really tall. i think i'll have to meet her before she outgrows me and that shouldn't take long.Nice to see aditi being fussed over by anush.

Anonymous said...


Anush loooooooooooks so cute in the header picture

Guess that is the dress she wore to the bday party and abt which everyone is raving so much :-)

if she wore something diff to the bday party - do post those pics too..after so many comments i wud love to see a pic from that day

and again

PS - Anush is going to become a head turner and a heart breaker soon ;-)


sole said...

Anush is looking gorgeous...she has to be the most mature 4 year old I've ever known!

Art..I am mighty impressed with you - a baby less than 4 weeks old, a 4 year old- how do you still manage to update the blog this often, stay cool and also do other fun stuff like reading, watching movie's etc??? Truly amazing!

VJ said...

she looks awesome in the header..!

and I second Sole .. you truly are a super woman !

artnavy said...

she is rather tall for her age- do visit us when possible- long pending!!

the dress is what u see in the pic collage in the post on the top right- will take a larger pic in a better camera and update later

vj/ sole
thanks and u flatter me!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Aaah! Definitely a Diwali to remember!

May the light of the season fill your home with peace, joy and preosperity! And hugs to A the 1st and A the 2nd!

artnavy said...

thanks a lot