August 12, 2009


Seems to be a season for being recognised- as in identified.
Last week or so it was the lady in Shopper's Stop.

A couple of days ago, my mother bumped into a non blogger at Anush's school who reads the blog. The lady recognised Anush of course and that is how they figured it out.

Also it so happens that a regular overseas reader of this blog just discovered that we were possibly colleagues at my first place of work years ago!!

Finally saw Sach ka Saamna last night and found that it was not as personal as the one episode I happened to watch in English a long while ago. Also I am puzzled how people are willing to be judged/ humiliated in public. The lure of money must be really strong.

Been a while since I wrote about what I have been reading- Jack Reacher, Lee Child's fictional creation, is a hell of a guy. I have thoroughly enjoyed all his books so far- Killing Floor, Die trying, One shot, Bad luck and trouble- and currently Trip wire. Any of you have read it?


Mama - Mia said...

i have read one book by Lee Child, but for life of me i cant remember which one it was! but do know i had enjoyed it totally!

and i also wanna be spotted! please to tell how to do that?! :p



Monika,Ansh said...

Hey....thats' great...being identified.

Krishnan said...

I have read two or three of his novels and yes Jack Reacher is an unlikely hero. Remember relishing The Killing Floor.

Lavs said...

Someone kept saying that they are not among the famous bloggers. was that someone you?

*ha ha ha*

choxbox said...

good that you are okay with being IDed. i would've freaked out!

starry eyed said...

I second Chox...except I would be okay...SH would've freaked out big-time:)

Anil P said...

It is either the lure for money or the fact that they're getting an audience to listen to them.

Sri said...

Im guessing Sach ka samna is based on "Moment of Truth". I strongly disliked that show. The questions were very personal.. and the answers so dramatic that I wonder if it was all scripted. Why would anyone want to wash their dirty linen in public?!

Uma said...

Don't you feel like a celeb?

Yeah, it has to be the lure of money, I can't quite think of another reason! I haven't read this author, I'm tempted to try one though. Btw, do you know any good kids library in and around Velachery?

2 B's mommy said...

Wow ! How does it feel to be recognised from you blog ?

I was introduced to Lee Child's novels by a friend a couple of years back and I have enjoyed reading him since then.

Love Anush's pic in the header.

artnavy said...

i am certain anush is the celeb not me...:-D

else try the one- book world or something like that- next to Olympus on Velachery Bypass and Toysdayout on gandhi road

also i usually buy- have a lot - can lend u easily

2bs mom- tnx

krishnana/ abha good to know u guys read lee child as well

anil/ sri- yeah same serial

lavs/monika- well it has been nice so far - the kind of people i bump into have been really sweet- but it also gives me jitters sometimes - as chox/ starry say

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was a good party. Can you let us know the contact details of Toysdayout.BTW , Happy Blated bday wishes Anushka.


artnavy said...

Hi Saveetha-

On toyzdayout

This is Kavitha from Toy'z Day Out.

Just to let you all know 'Toy'z Day Out' is a Kids Edutainment Library and provides Toys, Books, CDs, Swimming Pools, Oudoor/Indoor Plays on rental on a monthy membership scheme as well as for Birthday Parties, Corporate Family Day events and any other events where kids need to be entertained.

We are over 1 month old and in the process of establishing. Please visit us at or call me +91-9841265443.