August 17, 2009

Anushka's Birthday Update

Unlike last year, we celebrated Anush's fourth birthday only in the new place this time.

Navy and I put up the props early that morning- a mix of Finley Fire engine ( Anushka's latest idol) and Cars.

The activity corner included car coloring and a jigsaw for Anush's age group and stacking cars for the tots. We also hired battery operated vehicles- a car and a jeep from Toysdayout ( a brilliant concept, definitely new to Chennai I think) This turned out to be the most fun part of the evening. Just to keep out unwanted party raiders, we gave tattoos to the invitees which had to be shown to entitle you for a ride.

The eats were light - cholay chaat, wafers, thattai, jalebis and mango squash. The cakes ( a car one what else... and an egg less one) were courtesy Cakes and Bakes but not as tasty as the previous times we have ordered there. And yes there were chocolates of course.

The goody bag included car theme- erasers, stickers, mini car models. There were key chains for the slightly older lot. For the family, we had terracota horses /elephants and an audio cd of Anush's favourite songs with an introduction by her.

Despite the unexpected rain and the swine flu scare we had fairly good attendance. At least no food wasted! Some of the Chennai blogger friends came in as well- Indu, Lavs, Itchy, hastobeme and Uma. And some other friends who could not make it on Saturday turned up on Sunday!!

Anush was excited and delighted and that was enough to keep the wide grin on my face, though we both missed my father ( who is in Delhi) a lot.

A short message to Anushka- " These four years with you have been so much fun. We have grown together and you have brought new meaning and purpose to our lives. We love you just the way you are and wish that the next year is even more delightful - when we will see you blossom into an older sister. Am sure you will be a natural at it and will delight us with your Anushisms - a wonderful mix of wisdom, innocence and naughtiness. Love you lots Chinnu Chikki!"


Monika,Ansh said...

Aww Happy Birthday Anush. Sounds like a rocking party. God Bless u.

starry eyed said...

Great going! Glad you'll had a blast:)

Has to be me said...

It was gud fun for the kids & Anush's CD was a good idea too!

VJ said...

Happy Birthday Anushka !!
Sounds like you guys had a blast !!

choxbox said...

what fun!

Nirmala Ravi said...

Hey Anush,

Belated happy birthday. Yes, birthdays are always fun time.

Jayashree said...

Sounds like a fun party....I like your idea of hiring out a car and jeep for the kids.

Hip Grandma said...

Happy B'day Anush!!

DC said...

Happy birthday to Anush.and kudos to you and navy for organizing a wonderful party. The photos are great as well.


Kodi's Mom said...

happy 4, Anush! she looks awesome in her white dress.
and Art you have so much enthu and energy for such a fab party, great job!

Subhashree said...

Aww lovely.... Belated birthday wishes to Anush, again :)

How do we know said...

Happy Birthday to Anush...she is such an angel! i like the white fairy frock best! Girlsnever outgrow fairy frocks!:-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing party! Belated wishes!

sole said...

Happy belated B'day Anush and sounds like everyone had a great party Art! Well done :-)!

artnavy said...

THANK YOU everyone who has wished Anush here/ on mail/ on phone!!

The car theme entailed the numbered jacket and shorts

but anush managed to ride the vehicles even with her "white gown"... to use a cliche- where there is a will there is a way

Anonymous said...

Many Many (Belated) Happy Birthday wishes to Anush!


Usha said...

I can see what a lovely birthday you had anush. Sorry, aunty is a bit late. My best wishes for a wonderful wonderful year ahead. And your best 4th year present is yet to come in two months right? Lots of love and hugs darling girl.

artnavy said...

thanks swap

usha- u wont belive it but we had been telling her teh baby will come post her brithday so her new query is

"My birthday is over...Why is baby not coming out yet??"

Kavitha Lokesh said...

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Mama - Mia said...

okie either you adopt me or plan cubby's next or invite me for anush's next! :D

what an awesome party Art! and Anush looks gorgeous and very very happy! :)

happy 4th and many hugs to her!!

artnavy said...

welcome kavita but i think u got ur url wrong- u missed the Y in toyz

abha- come on u creative girl!! but yes sure and sure.

Just Like That said...

Missed commenting on this one. Many happy returns to her and God bless the dainty little lady! :-D
She's a sweetie pie, she is!

And pliss- me in Q after Abha. ;-)

Kavitha said...

Thanks Arthi for pointing it out.

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