June 24, 2009

The magic of creation

How did the baby do magic and get inside your tummy amma?

How can baby hear what I am saying?

The baby will grow big , then your stomach will also keep growing? so when baby comes out your stomach will become small again? ( how i wish this one was true)


starry-eyed said...

lol...magic! Is that what it is?!!!

Love her curiosity and how you encourage it. Too many mums shush them up!

am presently trying to figure out how to explain 'rape' to my seven year old :(

Poornima said...

I love the 'magic' part! I wonder what were your answers to these lovely questions!

sole said...

So many cute and interesting questions for her age..love the curiosity, how do you tackle these questions though? How old is Anush again?

VJ said...

aww... so cute !!

Monika,Ansh said...


Just Like That said...

You almost make me want to have a baby so I can see Sonny boy's reactions.
Very very cute!
and LOL at the magic- did u tell her it wasn't the baby who did magic, but its parents? ;-)

Sands said...

and your answer was?? :)

Artnavy said...

anush turns 4 in mid Aug

my answers- fairly honest and adequate i thought

1.when amma appa get married and really wish for a baby then magic happens

2. yes the baby can hear you- it smiles inside but does not know to talk yet- u can teach it when it comes out

3. well the tummy will become a little smaller but amma will have to exercise a lot to make it really small again- maybe we can learn swimming together?

Artnavy said...

starry- rape is something very difficult but necc to explain- how does one balance between instilling fear versus caution?

Artnavy said...

yeah, why not? join the gang will you?

choxbox said...

loved your answers - had said pretty much the same stuff. esply the first one :)