June 25, 2009

Ghar ki murgi??

Have you met someone in person who reminds you of yourself a decade ago?
I did. Yesterday. At work.

She is in the same line of work I had started out in- qualitative research
She had the same confident, slightly over animated way of presenting that I did
She was comfy with herself and the questions were handled honestly and well, despite the audience being obviously older

She even had big eyes, short hair, very Fab India clothes, was dark, tall and lean( that was definitely long ago for me)

It also turns out she is from my Alma mater

I did not think anyone else would have felt the same but 2 of my friends at work asked me if she reminded me ( immensely) of the old me!! My boss wanted to recruit her saying she reminded him of the young me he had recruited years ago .

I was flattered ......and strangely hurt.
So which part of me had changed so much from the me of yore??

To me I am MUCH fatter but otherwise the same
I am not sure that is the only change my colleagues see in me....hmmmm.

Maybe I should think a little about this.


Monika said...

i think we lose the enthu over time or work, the zest and craziness for work turns into doing everything because it has to be done... plus one gets so used to doing it all the time

sigh ways of life

Just Like That said...

hey, maybe you don't need to feel hurt.. maybe your boss wants to take her so he knows she'll be an asset to the company- you've been a long time with them, haven't you? you must've matured beautifully, workwise.. like good wine...:-)
and that comment definitely is a compliment- to be taken at face value :-)

Monika,Ansh said...

I am sure u r just the same..... except a lot more confident & mature.

Mama - Mia said...

i would go with JLTs words! she snatched my thoughts and words totally! :)

it was totally a compliment! and yes, we do mature over a period of time and thats not a bad thing really! :)


Artnavy said...

honest self assessment

yes i have matured in the 8 yrs almost that i have spent here

i have become so efficient with the routine that i am often done in half a day!

that does not help the maha enthu agressive image i had cultivated here

my current role( add ot that my physical state) also does not call for as much proactive stuff as i did earlier...

so sum total i wonder if i have lesser steam than before...

Poppins said...

Art, I think it's only the age difference and nothing else. I would take it as a compliment esp since you felt the same way!

starry-eyed said...

Awww...I understand where you're coming from! But after the initial hurting, I would try to see it from their point of view...they like this kind of personality joining up because she's an asset and she grows (no pun intended!) just like you did to be more of an asset (no pun here either!)

I always think these kind of likenesses and coincidences are really significant...it's so good that you and others are noticing! And it's so wonderful to meet the old (rather, young!) you, isn't it:)))))

choxbox said...

if she's just like you, i'd certainly recruit her.

Artnavy said...

chox/ poppins-i take a bow- i am god's gift to my boss !! luckily he does not read this blog :D

starry- i thought of that usage too- younger me rather that the old me. . loved ur unintended puns