May 25, 2009


My grandma's cataract operation went off very well. She had her review today and got a clean chit.

We seem to be great patrons this month- first my FIL for both eyes and now my grandma for one eye. I must say that for all her timidity, she was hardly tense as compared to my FIL who is a good 10 yrs younger than her!!

Yesterday Anush was feeding paati snacks despite the latter's protests.
This morning, she was asking her " You can see me better now?"

Anush and she do kolams together
When paati prays, Anush rings the bell and says slokas in gibberish and makes paati repeat
When paati writes her daily Shri Sita Rama jayam Anush "helps" by scribbling along
Anush insists on eating mangoes like paati does- whole, no civilised little pieces- not a pretty picture this :-))

I always feel really nice and warm to see them bond as though they belong to the same age group.


Monika said...

awww thats such a cute pic... its a pleasure to see them bond with grandparents

BTW i have moved

VJ said...

it must be lovely to see their conversations !!!!

apu said...

duh...mangoes are NOT meant to be eaten in a civilised manner!

hope Paati recovers completely soon..

apu said...

also, can you tell her that in this photo, she looks a bit like MS :)

Just Like That said...

It is a pleasure seeing them bond tho' they have a whole genereation or two separating them....:-)
Glad to know your Gmom's better.

Artnavy said...

tnx- pic courtesy my moto phone

she will be thrilled

3 generations in fact!!

choxbox said...

can so relate to the last line.

our kids are lucky to be bale to hang out with their great grandmoms - they'll have such great memories.

Artnavy said...

yeah chox

but it bothers me that she will be very missed when her time to leave comes

shubha said...

how sweet. I love my paati too.Given a chance, I love teasing her , talkt o her, generally go back 50-60 years back. btw, noticed ur paati rites sri sita rama jayam..thats new to me..i have only hard of rama jayam.

Mama - Mia said...


imagined the whole scene and smiled some more!