May 28, 2009

Death is welcome

....when the person has been ailing
.... the doctors have given up
.... his being alive is costing a lot emotionally and otherwise

My neighbor , in his mid 30s passed away from cancer. He is survived by a non working, conservative and shy wife and a clinically- hyperactive 5 yr old son.

While I wonder who will fill the void in their life, I could see that he was keeping them back and their life has been filled with uncertainty and anxiety the last few months.

The marriage was not a very happy one as per her own admission, but he was a devoted father.

God bless the surviving members and give them the strength to go on.

When my turn comes:

  • I hope the most dear ones are independent enough to take care of themselves
  • I hope it is quick- I do not wish to be reduced to a vegetable with no dignity left
  • I do not want any of the usual fuss or rituals , a quick goodbye will do
  • I do not want anyone other than immediate family which is already present to see me dead- so no visitors- point is- if u loved me in life remember me that way
  • Just ensure eyes/body/etc donation is done

That covers it for now.

While on death, there is this silly clock online, which predicts your death date!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with u on that 100% i wrote abt it sometime back

and according to that silly clock one of my friend is already dead ;)

Just Like That said...

hmmm.... sombre post. but yeah, I wish euthanasia could be availed of in the case of terminally ill patients who are suffering.....
also in the very old- I have a grand aunt who was such an affectionate, kind-hearted, bustling soul, loved (still much loved) by everyone in her healthier days. She has been lying like a vegetable for the last 3 months... its so sad to see her like that. All of us are praying for her death, but in vain. :-(

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

tht was good post ... true to reality and straight fwd..

and that test ive taken b4 its on my blog too somewhere ... cudnt access it this time.. anythng rong with the link/?

sole said...

Nice one! Most of us can use the 5 points mentioned. So true and having something concrete and put down in words like this can give our loved ones some peace!

I hope the neighbour's wife recovers soon from the tragedy, gets some courage and she starts doing something for herself!

choxbox said...

this would make a perfect 'death plan'.

Sands said...

Agree with you on every single one of the points you listed. Totally practical to share it with the folks we love!

shubha said...

I gt the pic of the shy wife. there are many like her.I wish she comes out of the grief as time goes by and gets going.

Artnavy said...

yeah we plan so many things- who knows how things will really pan out. . .

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww......this is sad.
I've never thought about death.But your points seem like just how I would want it too.

Shobana said...

I agree with having to die with some dignity. And as you said, we can plan, but God too has his own plans for us, nah?

Usha said...

Every death makes us painfully aware of the inevitable and I hope too to be able to go away with dignity. And pass on so lightly that people around don't feel the heaviness hanging around.