April 30, 2009

Wonder of water

Have you noticed water fountains at malls, multiplexes, restaurants and so on? I see many kids and sometimes adults trying to touch the water. In most instances, I wonder what prompts them to touch this filthy water? Often smelly as well.

When you feel the first drops of rain
Drink chilled water from the fridge as you get back home in summer
Stand beneath the waterfall ( Kumbakara comes to my mind)
Or you see an ad like this one, then the magic of water hits you.


Monika,Ansh said...

Oh yes, I too love this ad :)

Just Like That said...

hmmm.. :-) me too likes that ad. Anush is looking really cute in that foto. :-)

choxbox said...

nice ad!

Shobana said...

Its a nice ad! Water is aptly named the elixir of life!