April 29, 2009

Love is all around

Anush's cousins left last night. She took it in her stride. Contrary to expectation.

Appa was here on work and spent the weekend with us. His visit was kept a surprise for her and she was thrilled to bits. Anush had eyes only for him when he was here. After seeing him off at the airport, Anush became miserable. I though she was being sleepy but then she began sobbing and said that she missed A-Thaathu and why should he go to Delhi and so on.

My FIL underwent cataract in both eyes ( over the weekend) and it went off very well. Anush was a little upset to see him in bandaged eyes but as soon as I drew her attention to a pic of Karunanidhi and said that uncle was kind of like that- she thought it funny - " Yes Amma- they are same but that Thaatha has no hair"

For my star birthday, my SIl baked me a lovely date and walnut cake. Since it was eggless, all in the family had it.

Navy got me a truckload of novels on what happened to be my star bday eve.

My mother had enrolled for a 2 week course in the basics of the Montessori philosophy at Anush's school. Some idiot we know, who is a lazy 30 something, looked surprised at this and stated ( not curiously, that would have been okay) rather impolitely that amma must be the oldest in the class !! Anyway learning has no age. Teachers/ Interested parents from as far as Pune and C'tore have come to attend it. And Amma seems to be enjoying it though she does feel that a lot of it is general common sense.

My paati who has been with us for years now, was overwhelmed to see Anushka in the poola jadai- paati loved me in it as a child and it was nostalgia trip for her.

Anush , last week, told me " Amma, how many times you will tell me " Anush I love you" Again and again you say the same thing. "
Since then I tease her and have been seeking her permission before I proclaim my love to her
Last night, she turned to me and said " Amma I won't be angry- please tell me !!"
And I feigned innocence and asked her what she wanted me to tell her !
My moment of pure evil delight.


Cloudy Musings said...

Art! I'm dying to meet Anush. :(

The 'Anushisms' are just so cute! :)

Mama - Mia said...


awwww! she is such a sweetheart! and what freat gifts on your birthday too! happy star birthday then! :D



Just Like That said...

LOL at your moment of pure evil delight. :-D
Happy * B'day then!

you know, sometimes if not for the fact that it doesn't pay too well, I would have loved to train for a Montessori teaching post.

Monika,Ansh said...

So many things & so simply put in this post. :)

& happy "Star" birthday to you. Wow......u get to celebrate your birthday twice a year!!!

Sri said...

Happy * Bday! :)

Nice header. This motta maadi pic makes me feel all nostalgic!

choxbox said...

yup it is all around indeed! and also - awesome header!

VJ said...

header pic is awesome !!!
motta madi with red tiles does bring back lot old memories...and
belated Happy Star Brithday !

Artnavy said...

thanks all-

anush was doing "vuieeees"- her term for going round and round in circles

done best on the terrace with the breeze in her face and no curios in her way


i think the background template is rather jarring though- any one aware of any nice bckg templates

Tharini said...

Its lovely to see the chemistry between mother and daughter. Love it!

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Aah how I enjoy reading anushisms :)

supriya said...

hi... ur blog is very interesting... i have a daughter too who is an yr old and we stay in velachery as well.. which play school have u finally opted for anush????? i want to put my daughter for sometime during the day!!!!!!!!

Usha said...

A very happy year ahead Art. I can see you had a wonderful birthday. Here's wishing you another exciting and fruitful year.

Subhashree said...

Lovely posts as usual, ArtNavy. Loved the bits where your paati got nostalgic, your mother enroled for the course, 'I love you' part and the baby Anush with her cousins. Been caught up at work, but managed a trip to Birla Planetarium. I can imagine the heat, sweat. But the kids loved it :)

Subhashree said...

Oh, belated birthday wishes to you :)

dipali said...

I like your evil streak!

Artnavy said...

hey ladies- thanks

subha- navy took his niece and nephew there last sunday anush opted out due to sleep