April 01, 2009

New beginnings

The television that we got just as we began married life- Sony Trinitron or Vega it was- went defunct. The picture kept turning blue- they do not even make the pic tubes anymore for it.

So we exchanged it for a small flat screen for the guest bedroom but stuck with Sony for old times sake ( our larger one is a Samsung, if you look at the header pic ) .

We are back to no TV in the drawing room which is how we lived for eight years, till we moved into the new house.

When people come over they need to make conversation not watch TV . That has been Navy's logic and it worked well. Those who stay on can always enjoy TV in the guest room!


On the tea pot we picked up a few days back- the creator is Puneet Brar and here is her interesting webspace.

" I started pottery to create products that we decide to live with rather than acquire. Objects that have a presence and a character ,that share spaces with us and are not based on function alone or on trends to render them meaningful. That make us think and question the way we treat them, the time we spend with them and consequently the life we lead. " Puneet Brar


choxbox said...

our first TV was a VEGA as well :)

Blogeswari said...

Same pinch ... We spent a month discussing TV/ no TV in the drawing room in our new house and am glad we decided to continue with our 'NO TV' policy in the drawing room.

Artnavy said...

yeah!!- same pinch to both- great minds

Or since it is fools day- fools maybe??!!

nanands said...

We have moved from one clock, one radio, one TV etc per house to one per room. As parents get older we are also moving towards "joint nuclear families". When do we get the folding dining tables and mini fridges as well into the rooms?

Saya said...

The link was awesome :-)

Monika,Ansh said...

Loved browsing the link.

subha said...

Thats really good.I doubt the same happening here at my end cos my husband loves to watch tv.I totally accept ur viewpoint

Sands said...

something for you on my blog. check it out!

Artnavy said...

subha- navy also likes watching TV but when there are people over he prefers to talk etc

thanks sands- will pick it up:-))

Mama - Mia said...

no tv in drawing room totally rocks! my parents ghar is very small, so drawing was everything from that to bedroom to guestroom! but as soon as guests would come in TV would be switched off.

in our ghar too TV is in the bedroom!