December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008, Welcome 2009

2008 was a time for strengthening ties and togetherness followed by separation and then as with all things , getting used to the new status quo. My appa joined us for almost half a year and then moved to Delhi .
I have grown as a mother and definitely spent more time as a wife. Could have been a better daughter though.
Two ladies turned senior citizens though if you look at them you cannot tell- but yipee to train travel discounts for them!!

She has entertained us with her antics and banter, her innocence always endears and she has made 2008 fly past.
She is a good kid ( touch wood) and her enthusiasm is infectious. Extremely imaginative and patient when she wants to be, she is really talkative and naughty as well, particularly the second half of the year.
She adores my parents and is beginning to bond really well with Navy.
She is good at school but still tends to be a little clingy at times and her cough refuses to go for more than a fortnight each time it comes.

This year I was a home maker. Or should i say Make overer.
Spent a lot of time and energy and money on the second house and enjoying it. Got into the news for it- always nice to get patted for your work.

I enjoy sales ( and have been given charge of a new account) but still dream of the appreciation I received in marketing
Chandamama has seen me published - Mister Muthu entered print in Nov 2008. It will also go into the usually different on line edition from 2009.
And I also began contributing regularly to Metromela.

Good outings to Baroda- Champaner and Mumbai and Blore with family and Sri Lanka on work, though Australia is evading me!!
Pass ports updated and ready for the future finally!
Car reregistration also came through

A dear friend has become a world traveller and will hopefully contribute to my curio/ mask collection
Another dear friend delivered her second- again a boy!!
A long lost friend got married
Lost Navy's paati and my kutti thaatha who were both ailing

Have lost control of my weight and still working on the temper bit
Read a lot and watched a lot of movies.
Got back to cooking in a small but sure way.
Re learnt driving but still not confident
Made some new friends in the blogging world- but lagged on the visiting the blogs and commenting front

THANKS to all who made 2008 exciting - Anushka, Amma, Appa, Navy, all friends and family.
We shall close 2008 with a bash at the new home. And welcome 2009 with friends. And await change!


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Monika said...

What a wonderful & fulfilling year you've had. Hope 2009 even better for you

Mama - Mia said...

wow! thats quite a round up!

enjoy yourselfs and have a super new year!! :)



The Seeker said...

Happy New year, another year has just passed by. Though there is enough optimism
to look forward there is hesitation to leave back the memories we had this year.
But take them along with you...

Wish you and your family a very happy and a prosperous new year!!!!

Take care...

Barath N

Krishnan said...

Wishing you, Anushka and Navy a very happy New Year. Had a great time visiting and commenting on your blog in 2008 and looking forward to the same in this new year.

Sue said...


You had a party without me.

You look exactly like your mother, btw. I was going to be complimentary about that -- but you had a blog party without me.


DC said...

Wish you and all in your family, a very Happy New Year.

Choxbox said...

Happy New Year to you and to A baby too!

Forgot to tell you, bought a Chandamama for the kids at Chennai Central and realised while flipping through it that it had Mister Muthu!

dipali said...

Happy New Year, Art! Hoping to read lots more of you this year.

Anonymous said...

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