December 01, 2008

Down but not out

My father moved to Delhi this Sunday ( at least for a few months) on a consultancy assignment. The cloudy weather matched my mood. I should be happy for him but I am sad to not have him for me to yak on each evening. For a handy man to restore and to repair. To set everything right.

I know he is only an email or a phone call away. But still.... it hurts!

Saw Dasvidanya and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye- multiplex movies with really talented ensemble cast. A little simplistic/ amateurish in parts, both are watchable and pretty enjoyable in parts. Oye Lucky has a serious undercurrent though it seems all funny on the surface- reminded me of Adiga's White Tiger- the longing of the lower class to belong and its craving to get to the top by any means.

Bought some books at Landmark and am currently reading the Silent Raga. Also found the India map jigsaw for Anush.

Some Anushspeak to put a smile back in troubled times-

Anush- Thaathu will come and see me from Delhi?

Yes Anush, why?

Anush- "Because I love him."


Do you think I am a nut, Anush ?

" Amma I am a cashew!!"


I am eating outside today Aunty.

"Appa, why don't you eat inside why are you eating outside!!"


Monika said...

I also saw both these movies over the weekend & liked thme both in parts. Lol on Anush speak. It was fun to read :)

Itchingtowrite said...

lnked your sparrow post
where where u found the map puzzle? i want one.. wooden?/

Artnavy said...


yes wooden- in landmark citicentre branch last piece they had

Anonymous said...

awwww. some anushspeak is what we all need to cheer us up.

Mama - Mia said...

and life goes on!

me saw oye lucky too and loved it. wonder how many will get the serious undertone and hence the almost obscure ending?

werent the child actors fantabulous??

and Anush speak is always welcome!



GB said...

Is the Adiga book any good? I was meaning to buy it, but read a couple of reviews which trashed gave up!

Choxbox said...

hey the jigsaw doesnt have knobs? how come?

Choxbox said...

:) at anushspeak

IBH said...

that is a very cute pic of Anush on the header!

IBH said...

that is a very cute pic of Anush on the header!

Unknown said...

IBH/ apu- tnx

many jig saws dont have knobs in anush's collection

mamamia- yes i thought the kids were great too

i bought white tiger then read the review and was put off the book by them

anyway decided to read it and found it was really not bad- though i dont think it is prize material

Choxbox said...

yup most jigsaws they do now have no knobs but inside my head the india map puzzle always has knobs - seen it that way for all these years!

Blogeswari said...

Warning :Longish comment ahead

Abhay Deol is one Bindass actor eh!

Had worked with him for a couple of schedules on his debut film Socha Na Tha.Hated him for his 'spoilt rich kid -brat' attitude..and the fact that he'd write 'Pizza with Mosarella cheese' and give it to the spotboy to go and buy it from Domino's

Thought he'd end up being a Oh-cho-chweet kinda chocolate boy doing those college romance films. Never thought he'd do films like Manorama 6 feet, Oye lucky...

I am told Dipankar Banerjee is an ad film maker. Surprisingly google is not of much help when I wanted to find out more about him.

Loved the casting and sets , props - very kitsch, including the titles.

Anonymous said...

Hi ArtNavy,
Hope all is well at your end. So, for long will uncle be in New Delhi? It is kind of sad for Anush and all of you, for you must have gotten so used to him being around 24/7. My regards to him, amma and pati.
Love to self, Anush and Navy.

Anushka looks so cute (as always) in the header picture.


VJ said...

loved the anush speaks !!

Krishnan said...

The Silent Raga, if I am right, is set in Chennai and is the story of two sisters in a Tambrahm household. I read reviews of it sometime back. Tell me how you liked it. Interestingly, author is a Muslim, and I read he has caught Tambrahm nuances quite nicely.

WhatsInAName said...

Not seen both the movies! I am scared of even multiplexes now :( Wonder how long it will take me to get rid of these paranoias!

Artnavy said...

whats in a name-
Yes I was watching on TV how malls and cinema halls are all empty

but u know what ( sordid as it may sound) if we have to die we will die anywhere, anytime

Artnavy said...

krishnan- i loved it - will do a review today

VJ/ blogeswari- : ))

beena- will write in to you

DC said...

"Appa, why don't you eat inside why are you eating outside!!"

haha... really, these are the little things that bring a smile to us during these tough times...