November 28, 2008

Little Sparrow

Where have you gone, my favourite bird? Cell phone signals cause you harm I heard.

I need to find a sparrow to show Anush, to help her appreciate this bird in the bush

Ignore the poor rhyme, but do you realize that the COMMON sparrow is not so common anymore?


VJ said...

we actually see a few in our backyard everyday.Vk loves them and immediately starts ranting baaaa.. baaaa(meaning bird)

Monika said...

Yes right, I see only crows around in Kolkata.
Back home in Bhutan of course they are in plenty. Love them.

Monika said...

u are right... its so long i have seen one

Itchingtowrite said...

yes yes only crows and ravens & pigeons
i am afraid our kids will grow up without experiencing the pleasures of seeing a pair of sparrows build their nests and then the young uns taking baby steps to fly.. i must post on it soon..

Choxbox said...

true, now that you mention it.

Barkha said...

You are as good with pics as you are with words!

DC said...

what a cute poem. and yes, where have you gone little sparrow?

btw Art, hope you guys are alright.. what with the incessant rains...heard/saw that Velachery is flooded terribly.

Artnavy said...

thansk - we are doing fine just upset by Mumbai and my father's move!!

barkaha- tnx but due credit for sparrow pic is google

one more reaosnt o visit Australia

chox/ itchy/ monika
sad na

VJ said...

hahaha.. definitely..!