November 06, 2008

The Fortunate

Obama (P)araak paraak paraak
I think this pun is so cool. For the non Tamil audience- it means "Padhaar rahe hein"/ " come on in". While I have not much clue as to why we need to follow this election so closely as we do the Indian PM election, I can say this is one charismatic leader.

Had felt like that about Zigme Zingway Wan Chuk, Rajiv Gandhi, Bill Clinton and long ago JFK ( due to the teledrama series on DD when I was a kid)

Anush and my paati were trying to 'dance' together and both fell down. THUD!
Anush bounced back easily as usual but I was worried if my paati had hurt herself ( I always think old people crack easily and usually deteriorate soon after a fall.)

My paati was laughing about it saying "How many kolpaatis( great grandmothers ) have such bhaagyam(good fortune) "
I wanted to ask her" You want Bhaagyam to fall down ?? " But I just smiled back at her and told Anush that she had to be very gentle around paati.

Saw Hello ( One night at the call center) not a classic but not as bad as it has been made out. But even the book was not the most amazing piece of lit by Chetan Bhagat.


How do we know said...

oh, i just heard that the movie is based on the book and gave it a miss.. man! that book was a torture!

And i agree with pati abt the bhagyam thing... she is lucky to be playhing with a young grandchild of the family and be healthy enough to fall and get up. Touch wood!

Monika said...

oh finally something abt it... i have been wanting to hear something from someone... so i shold wait for the dvd right?

Monika said...

I loved Obama's acceptance speech & also Mc cain's graceful acceptance.
You r fond of Jigme Wangchuk. That's great coz I have been brought up in Bhutan & have always admired the leadership. :)

Choxbox said...

yup she is fortunate indeed :)

obama is not at all laden with sin, but just exchange 'b' with 's' in osama bin laden's name.

Anonymous said...

"But even the book was not the most amazing piece of lit by Chetan Bhagat"

ha ha. which one is?

Mama - Mia said...

seriously! how many great grand parents and great grand kids are lucky enough to dance with ecah other?! touchwood! :)

and i felt so so cheated after reading that horrid book that i wont dream of watching the movie!! :p



Artnavy said...

u said it guys
cant wait for the new james bond movie- yeah yeah !

u can avoid the movie hello even on dvd

monika ansh
u lived in bhutan - i am so J- we went there for a week and loved it

welcome back and do buy a copy of chandamama and write in as to how much you loved mister muthu wont you?? hahaha :-))

Anonymous said...

me n my husband watched some initial part of the movie..then read the review in HINDU and decided to give it a miss.may b we shud resume watching

VJ said...

I loved Bill Clinton and now really like Obama.. he is charismatic and am starting to adore him !

Artnavy said...

must watch golmaal returns if you like silly mindless spoofing and humor ( warning- at times crass and tasteless) - remember to see it without the kids

Usha said...

Catching up on all the prev posts and quite breathless. :) but had to just had to comment on this - loved that bit about Anush and her kollupatti. Really you need bhagyam to be able to dance with your kollupethi and it works both ways.
Hope dear anush gets well soon.

WhatsInAName said...

My kids have the pleasure of being around Kollupaati too and yes, they do take the paatis for the same age as they are :)