October 29, 2008

Hands On

The hand that rocks
..... the cradle and keeps Anush company.
Ro, Mad momma and now me- we are all hand in hand on this. While I do not want to be hand held through parenthood, I do enjoy receiving and handing out handy tips. It is only in the blog world that hand me down ideas are not seen as under hand operations- link up and they are just inspirations for another post.

I have always been rather proud of my lean long hands. Now they also belie my body mass. My mommy hand is as good or as bad as my single and ready to mingle hand. Let me explain...
In all my life I have had 1 manicure, pre wedding. Did not make much of a difference and I did not find it relaxing either . ( pedicures though have quite the opposite impact). I have always kept my nails short and clipped and hardly ever wear nail enamel and if ever it is likely to be some hand me downs from my cousin.
At the start of my work life, i realised that some people give the limpest of handshakes especially to women. But I decided I would opt for a firm and swift one. Somewhere along the way i realised my hands are not soft enough and then I began being a liberal user of moisturiser . Feel free to hand over any tips you have on the matter.

Anush and me were hand in glove in the first prank we pulled off on her birth. Here is the pic and it left a few guessing whether or not she had a thumb.

Now I better stop before this gets out of hand and you begin to lay your hands on me or to be specific, my fingers that work away on the keyboard. But before I go, do not except a baby to understand that you should not bite the hand that feeds you and I bet you can never ever figure out the number of hands in this post.


the mad momma said...

lovely hands Art... and you know - I just checked out the old link and realised Anush is slowly but steadily changing.

and yes - firm handshakes any day. cant stand women or men with limp hands.

Artnavy said...

thanks for indulging me :-))

Rohini said...

Nice hands, Art. And as for the manicure, yeah it's not particularly relaxing but I suck at filing/ applying nail polish so what to do but to outsource...

Anonymous said...

Hey anush looks so different from her newborn pic (I guess all kids do) but it was so cute to see. She seems to get taller and taller.

Artnavy said...

ro- tnx and i just dont have the patience to do it

justanother mom- yes i would have to agree

Mama - Mia said...


even i dont enjoy manicure much, though my hands could defi do with one!!

i do love pedicure now. it all started with hubby's love for nice looking feet!

plus i cant apply nailpolish or even cut in my nails in shape!! so parlour it is!! :D

and even i hate limp handshakes offered to wmen!! ugghh!



Anonymous said...

sigh!!i wish i cud show off my hands too.but not worth it...

Artnavy said...

hands are always worth it

looks really dont matter- that was my point- as long as they are clean

it is what they do that matters