October 28, 2008

Diwali Delights

A lot of you would be home today as well, enjoying the Diwali weekend.
I had only Monday off and no scope to take off today since I have a client meeting this afternoon. Anush and Navy have an off today.

It was a sickly but delightful weekend.
All ( My mother/ Anushka/ Navy/ ILs) except self and my Appa were unwell with the cough/ flu. It had rained heavily on Friday. So heavily that I could not make it to the mandatory Grand Sweets.

But we had a great time together, lighting the diyas hand painted by Anush, doing rangoli with coloured rock salt, bursting noiseless crackers, in limited number ( controlled pollution? ) learning names of the various fireworks, eating sweets and so on.

Anush got a paavadai( what else) and jumkhas from her paternal and maternal grandparents respectively. Once they left she was quizzing as to why thaatha paati could to stay on. Indeed, why cant they? Apu and her hubby had come over and she remains unchanged by marriage.

The warmth of a friendship that had endured despite laziness in upkeep and the physical distance is indeed wonderful. Anush felt very comfortable with the couple and was talking about them for a while later. I think Apu won herself a fan!


Blogeswari said...

Very colorful rangoli! The pattupavadai colour is the 'in' colour this season (according to fashion pundits courtesy Bombay Times)

Rohini said...

Happy Diwali. Anush looks so grown-up in the Diwali pics...

VJ said...

Beautiful pics !!
Rangoli with rock salt looks great and so does the hand painted Diyas !

Noodlehead said...

Lovely pics...Anush looks beautiful! Happy Diwali!

Btw, super header pic.

Artnavy said...

blogeswari- is it??- oh i must be a natural fashionista- pity my skills do not apply to adult fashion

ro- yeah- i think the bindi does that

vj/ noodlehead- thanks

Anonymous said...

did you think i would change ? :)

it was so much fun meeting up, and it was great seeing anush... such enthusiasm - I hope it stays with her forever.

Artnavy said...

well apu- i did - a little for the good and a little not so good

i hope so too on anush

Anonymous said...

So much of creativity there! loved the rock salt rangoli. looks so perfect. and ya, ur house looks beautiful too. i liked the corner ( tall) stand .

Artnavy said...

subha - thanks- the corner stand is from maharashtra- nasik or nagpur i forget- it is completely dismantleable

Mama - Mia said...

if its not the quick updates, its the lovely picture collages!! :)

the diwali celebs seem just perfect!!

and anush is looking cuter than ever!! loved the new header too!



Anonymous said...

completely dismantleable? thats awesome.may be i will seek your help wen i come to chennai and settle down.