October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day

I have been blogging for 2 yrs now and with about 430 posts done, I felt that I should participate in this cause.

Blog Action Day is about mass participation and anyone is free to join in. There is no limit on the number of posts, the type of posts or the direction of thoughts and opinions.
In 2008 the aim is to focus the blogging community’s energies and passions on the mammoth issue of global poverty.

My post is focussed on the efforts of Kaakkum Karangal which does not even have a website as I know. They are a Chennai based NGO, which supports orphans, the aged and ill treated women.

They accept donations - nothing is too small- you can donate in kind and in cash.
They value your time as well - you could choose to spend it with the old or the young.

Annually we make a contribution to them on Anushka's bday. We receive hand written letters of thank you from the child whose education and care the money funds.

I know this is not enough but it is a start, a small step from us.

And another thought, most of us in India have maids ( who are often unreliable) let us not cringe to increase their pay annually. It need not be based on the market rate. After all we enjoy our annual increment as well don't we? And in most cases their salary is what we would spend on one dinner at a good restaurant. And if we feel the money will not be put to good use, let us educate their child- pay for their books or school term fees , anything to help.


Blogeswari said...

Oh I completely agree with you on the last paragraph. One must increase (and not crib about it) their salary annually.

My maid's three li'l girls are my regular golu visitors and its a joy to see their smiling bright faces when they receive those kutty gifts on the vettalappakku!

Anonymous said...

excellent post. i have heard of kaakkum karangal and their work.

you know my views about treating maids well - i find it astonishing that the same MNC workers and IT professionals who would crib about getting "only" a 15% raise, feel bad about adding a 100 rs. to the maid's salary annually. do they think poor people are immune to inflation or what?!

Artnavy said...

i can imagine that Blogeswari
My mom teaches our driver's child for free

apu- tnx and yeah what double stds and so insensitive

WaitingforSunshine said...

Excellent post. delurking for the first time i guess... but I read your blog regularly and love it.

could you please post some details about the NGO.

WaitingforSunshine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Artnavy said...

tnx waitingforsunshine

as i mentioned they do not have a website

their main branch is at
p: 24415433

Subhashree said...

Agree with you on the last paragraph. I feel that maids must be treated with some respect and provided with monetary benefits. IMHO, you keep them happy, they work better and they make you happy.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with what you said in the last para. I do my own bit for that. Maids are so poorly paid and never thought to be deserving of a raise and I have no clue why.They don't even get weekly offs, how many of us are willing to work weekends on our same pay?!

Choxbox said...

true wrt maids. only when you pay through your nose in the west do you realise how dirt cheap domestic help is in india and on top on that they are treated like dirt.

Artnavy said...

subha/ preeti/chox- at least some of us feel for the maids but there are so many educated, well to do who exploit them

WaitingforSunshine said...

Thanks very much Art. I am staying in Adyar, so I guess I would be able to find it out.

Anonymous said...

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