August 08, 2008

Long ago

A few years back we did it all the time, any time.
Focussed, spontaneous and never tired
Grabbed every moment that we could, as if there was no tomorrow
Then it reduced to the weekends
Then once in a while
Now once in a loooooong while and on occasion
Are you with me?


~nm said...

Totally with you on this!!!

Alan said...

Welcome to married life.

(Those occasions are still great after 25 years.!)

Anusha said...

are you implying what I think you're implying? ;)
haven't visited in a while (read you on google reader though) and love the purple room as well as the fish tank picture!

Artnavy said...

oops u got me wrong

i was referring to using the VIDEO CAMERA!!!!!!!!!

Anusha said...

i knew that was a trick post :)

Krishnan said...

When we got our Sony handycam, used it on all sorts of occasions and now it is mothballed and hardly taken out of its cover.

Choxbox said...


well on the contrary art! i seem to film/click more now, albeit only the girls.

Artnavy said...

Smart Kodi's mom

krish- cant agree more

choxbox- wow i wish i could say the same

Itchingtowrite said...

if only i could get it re-charged i wud have done it more often

How do we know said...

Trick post? Not really, the description fits both the things equally well, you choose to talk about one, kodi's mom the other ;-)

I have started using mine alot more since Ishaan.