July 28, 2008

Royalty first but second

Our team - Royal Kings- stood second in the group performance, just as in sports - Silympics.
Overall, we were the number one team but there were no prizes for combined scores.

Ours was a musical "extravaganza" with most of Navy's funky clothes put to good use
A lot of props were innovative by yours truly.
The cliched theme was a swayamvaram with a twist in the tale.
The entire team participated which is what was fantastic.

I played a man( SRK in Om Shanti Om - luckily not Dard e Disco ) since one of the team suddenly could not make it. I loved wearing the huge rowdy moustache though Anush had a tough time accepting it. She is not used to a mush even on Navy.

Our group's prize money goes to a group lunch and hopefully some charity as well.
I also won a gift voucher which will be well spent on who else but Anushka.


~nm said...

Congrats!! So post some pics girl!

Alan said...

Congrats. Some pictures would be amusing. Staches are cool by the way.

Artnavy said...

nm- awaiting them

alan- I agree and ultra cool on a woman:-)

Anonymous said...

you know, this is the first thing i miss about working there :)

Choxbox said...

congrats creative kudi!

Choxbox said...

where did you get those paintings btw? they are super cool! btw when are you in my city next?

Artnavy said...

tholu bommalu - u also get lamp shades and puppets withh this work

i got them at Ode gallery but you can look up cottage industries or lepakshi for this