June 17, 2008

Study in Contrast

Went to get my passport renewed. Actually took a half day off from work for this. The guy manning the counter left early!! I barked to just let off steam and felt foolish since it was to no avail anyway. The place is smelly, hot and crowded and it is a wonder since the website led me to expect otherwise. Also I had worked on getting all the docs- ration card, marriage certificate, declarations etc etc - everythign was in order. And also my colleagues got it with no effort... Maybe the passport guys realised that I was not going any place anyway in a hurry...koi laut aa de mujhe beetay huay din....at least on the foreign travel front

On the contrary the experience at the BSNL office to transfer a phone line to the new house was brilliant- wonderfully clean and cool office with very friendly & efficient staff.

All roads lead to OMR- there are three toll plazas being set up - one in Perungugi, one en route from the Pallikarnai Medavakkam junction and one from the ECR road side

I guess residents in the area would get a monthly pass or an ID or something....I wonder if my office will reimburse or needs to get a pass for the employees with cars or we would get a subsidised pass .


Mama - Mia said...

i hope you get passport and a phoren ka thappa soooon! :D

the new ppt office in blr is apparently quite swanky and organised esp if you are internet savvy and take a prior online appt!

mine had happened in old office and its another long story! :(



Artnavy said...

thanks mama mia

my last trip abroad was in May 2007!! And last personal trip out of India was before Anushka!!!!!

Not my style at all

of course domestic travel has also hit an all time low the last 3 months with the new house needing attention

WhatsInAName said...

hehehe I also wonder how the shopkeeper realises I want something badly or not :) Dont worry, am sure you will get the pp done soon!
Good to know about good offices like BSNL too. Let them thrive everywhere in India and remain that ways!