June 19, 2008

Another study in contrast

Last afternoon

The maid I-Aunty, enquired if Anushka had eaten. Anush in turn asked her and the maid said that she had not yet eaten

Anush quickly rushed to the kitchen cupborad, fetched a plate , placed it on the table and asked my grandma " Paati, Please serve mummum( food) to I- Aunty. So that( she regularly uses this phrase in place of beacuse) she has not eaten "

This morning
Anush authoritatively yells from the balcony to the littel boys waiting in the car park to go to school" Don't touch my Appa's Fiesta car. It will become dirty. I am saying Na"!!
I promptly asked her to apologise:-))


WhatsInAName said...

How they love to imitate the elders :) Its so cute at times but at the same time, gives us a warning to mind our words :D
I remember my kids mouthing a not-so-bad-word I used often. I promptly stopped using them! :D

diya said...

How smart the kids are now a days, make sure she understands why she said sorry, when maybe she has been told the same thing by an unapologetic adult. Don't think she won't understand, she will.

The rainbow is wonderful and so is the maker!

Krishnan said...

Changed the layout ? Looks great.

Mama - Mia said...

she is too cute!! :)

and cool new look! :D

Artnavy said...

thanks all

kids were always smart- no wonder that old adage...child is teh father of man