January 07, 2008

Book Pulse

We went to the Dosa festival at Sanjeevanam. A let down since the more exotic ones( ragi dosa/ adai) were not available as early at 9.15pm. Had to make do with rava dosa and such.

Pulse polio was on 6th Jan, Sunday and I was surprised to see NO other baby/ child at the center we went to. I hope this was not the state at all centres... Anush willingly opened her mouth wide in imitation of the goldfish in the fish tank she was looking at when the drops were being administered!

The 31st (?) Chennai Annual Bookfair 2007-2008 is on at Ponnamalle High road in St George's school. It has really huge grounds.There is ample car park space and the entry fee is only Rs 5 per head. With multiple entry/ exits, the announcement system works just fine in case you lose friends or family in that maze of stalls, books and people. A good collection but not the best way to buy books if you ask me. I like to spend time, enjoy a little quiet, have the books neatly classified, etc etc. But Anush could not get enough of the atmosphere and yes, we found From Volga to Ganges by Rahul Sankritayan and The Essays by Bacon finally ! They also have a blood donation bank and readings by authors apart from soem contests to lure crowds.

Was sad to see India lose and sadder to see Australia win the cricket test. Winning is such a habit with them.

Saw Desperate Housewives without any guilt or distraction since Anush was asleep early. I wonder if there is a DVD collection I could hire somewhere. This is the only serial I really look forward to in terms of soaps. ( I know at least oneperson who will judge me for this:-)) )


Anonymous said...

Oooh I am envious; Have a temporary self imposed ban on buying books until I have some safe storage place!

Anonymous said...

Was looking at your post on toys..did you know that sundari silks has a good selection on the Channapatna/ettikopaka toys? I was recently in Chennai on vacation and even Cauvery did not have as wide a selection as Sundari did.

Like your blog a lot!


Artnavy said...

apu- LOL- just get a carton load of books and that way the books will have their own storage

thanks for the info & the compliment - btw do i know you?

Anonymous said...

Oh ! Desperate Housewives I lurve too . Coz I feel somewhat like the mother of those two boys . too bad I don't get to watch it often enough.

Choxbox said...

ooh dosa festival and all. just eat one extra for me next time!

btw isnt polio vaccine over and done with at birth? why another dose now?

Anonymous said...

dont understand why you guys love desparate housewifes? because you are ? it is a stupid junk serial, wasting time. get a life.. art, i know you are going to delete this post too ...