December 04, 2007

Presidents Rule

Tagged by Shobana.

If I were President I would still eat what I usually do. Pref have my mother train the chefs there and the only big DONTs for myself would be no non veg, garlic and excess masala.

BF: A choice each day between
Waffle and Maple syrup
Grilled Bread and a well done omlette
Upma/ Rava Dosa/ Akki Roti
A surprise item
Some fruit juice and masala chai for sure

Snack: A big bowl of boiled INDIAN corn and sukhi bhel - murmura ( porri)

Lunch: Different kind of roti each day (missi/ tandoori/ phulka/ bajra/ thepla/ etc etc), dal ( each day a diff type) and a spinach of some sort and a Subji ( should be a surprise again) and one mixed rice-non spicy

Tea: Ginger lemon tea. Any fried munches from Grand(ma) Sweets or a fresh Subway

Dinner: Same as lunch, but replace the rice with a continental bake/ salad/ mexican snack thrown in, some surprise dessert but once a month Death by chocolate

Shobana- what personality do you think I am now based on the above


Choxbox said...

what a smart idea - have mom train the chefs!

am yet to have breaker and your BF menu makes me hungry, i better go get some.

Fuzzylogic said...

Waffles and maple syrup..just had them:):)

Shobana said...

Thanks for taking up the tag. Sound yummy. And I feel that you are a person who is very comfortable in her area of expertise (or read as comfy in the home base...not meaning you won't venture out) and that you crave for simple pleasures. Did I get that right?

I love the morning snack.

Artnavy said...

hey shobana - u r right. i venture but only so much.

i love food and yes am very comfy in the home base

being veggie restricts the extent to which i can experiment with world cuisine

being not a very sweet tooth person restricts the dessert section

what i love is junk food and VARIETY in the regular food