December 03, 2007

Coincidentally Wicked

I have been so busy. My maama from NY who recently had a heart attack is visiting with his son after 8 years. My father and grandma have come down to catch up with him and us. Anush is having a ball with all the gifts and the attention.

Anushka had no problem doing away with diapers for the night- it has been 3 weeks now. I just need to remind her to use the loo soon after she gets up and it is fine!!

When I was falling short of time to write a post and needed a tag- I got two!!

My Wicked Side
This one is really for you itchy- I have recycled a flat cake and projected it as intentional and layered it with ice cream and cream and made a mock tiramisu like dessert which you liked!

I have been viewing a lot of "imported" DVDs though I am staunchly against pirated books.

A couple of occasions, when pregnant, I have eaten half my dinner before guests come in and then had another "light" dinner with them as well. Else they would know I am a glutton.

I have shut the lights and geyser in Navy's bath often to make him come out faster.

As a young teen travelling by train to Chennai from Mumbai , we had unreserved passengers enter our compartment and occupy our seat .When my father tried to reason with them and I saw a fight emerging, I told him to let them. But i stretched out, flipped pages of my newspaper a tad too grandly, generally made it incredibly difficult for the lady to stay on the seat.

Here is the witch-like wicked one- I told Navy's mom about his "bad" habit of adding smoke to the environ - nasty huh? But it worked. So the end mattered more than the means here.

Chocbox being what she is has an interesting tag on offer.

A sweet one- Navy and I inadvertently end up in similar colours/ combos on outings. It still happens and we believe it reinforces our chemistry,

A holy one- I lost my passport a little before our planning our Europe tour in 2002. Just as I gave up hope a neighbour told me to pray to Aurobindo- Mother. The very next day I found it in my suitcase as I was packing to travel to Mumbai on work. Mother knows best !!

A sad one- When I declared I was carrying (the first time), a couple of friends told me it was bad luck to announce before the first trimester. I had a miscarriage that time.

A mad one- Anything significant thing I do on 4th usually flops. So I avoid that date for doing things other than the routine

A crazy one- For a year in college I believed using Ponds DF talc helped me have a good day with my studies and the boys.


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thanks for takng it up...

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hey thanks for taking up the tag!

you and i have a special coincidence thing too right - about the names?! :)

Artnavy said...

welcome girls

tnx shobana

you are right choxbox

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL on tactfully getting Navy out of the bathroom:)Itchy has tagged me as well. Will get to it!