November 16, 2007

Teen Moviyaan

Pics courtesy movie websites

Jab we Met
A very typical and young love story handled in a refreshing and sometimes amusing manner, slightly irritating in parts, less of regional stereotyping and the " sati savitri" dialogues also are tempered down. But makes you wonder why the reel life pair did not click in real life.

Om Shanti Om
This is the most irreverent spoof of Hindi cinema with all its trappings. The makers did well on laughing at themselves. But you try so hard to recollect where you saw some scene's original that the joke is lost at times. On the whole entertaining, Deepika is breathtakingly beautiful but does not look fresh or innocent unlike in the Close Up ad. Shah Rukh is at his loud best. The sets and wigs are apt and Shreyas is endearing but under utilized.

Rather pretentious in treatment, this movie is also a tribute to the days of Raj Kapoor. Garish lipstick ( even Zora Segal was not spared), good bit of dancing, nice eye candy for girls and boys, this was a tale that reminded me loosely of Iyyarkai. which was a far more sensitively made film. Ranbir is like Mr Neetu Singh but has a gorgeous body and dances very well. Sonam is really elegant and sweet , they should have had a better debut.


Hip Grandma said...

Watched three crappy movies in a week?I must say you're a brave girl.

Anonymous said...

How do you manage to so many movies ? I really envy you :-)

Fuzzylogic said...

I watched the 3 as well. I thought Jab we met made a decent view and as you said I too found it refreshing without many cliched histrionics.

As for OSO as much as I adore SRK this movie didn't quite appeal to me as much as Main hoon na did. Shreyas really emerged as a surprisingly favorite from this movie.

Saawariya- Lovely songs,amazing camera and settings but somehow story fell flat.

Itchingtowrite said...


Choxbox said...

hey all ok? long time..

Artnavy said...

doing fine
been busy with some review meetings

itchy- will do teh tag but cannot do it half as well as u have

fuzzy- yes saawariya songs were awesome

hhgmom/ anon- LOL!