October 30, 2007

How Art became Artnavy

Have been tagged by itw and choxbox on this rather personal tag and I am going all out- so beware.... this must be the LONGEST post ever.....

Jab we met
My dream man was defined as such - tall, dark and had to wear specs( mark of intelligence). If he had long fingers even better. STS can vouch for that.:-)
1996- A young man entered class. Sort of like a tall Salman Khan. He was a couple of days late due to his sister's wedding at Bangalore, his home town.
Navy turned out to be a complete charmer. Of course I was flattered to be the Chosen one but there was a tall dark and spectacled man around campus. He turned out to be a wolf and Navy's was the shoulder I cried on.

Hum Tum
Navy and I were such a contrast in some aspects
- Him very chilled out and me very excitable
- Him the Maths Mentor and me the one who needed a minute to compute 11 times 12
- Him the master of games, me who did not even know to cycle
- Me the early riser and him the perpetual late latif
- Me the spirited dancer and him Mr Two left feet
- Him the after shot and me the before of a Fair & Lovely ad ( a reason for us not to work - as per one jealous classmate)

Mumbai Salsa
I invited him to visit my family at home like many other friends from college, since Mumbai is only a weekend trip from A'bad. It was his first experience with Mumbai locals and he fell off the train, on to the platform & lost consciousness & was badly bruised. Being concerned about his mental state we took him to the nearest clinic we knew, run by my relative. It was in this maternity home where life blossoms, my relatives believe love bloomed amidst crying infants & pregnant women !!

Mitr- My Friend
The maths wizard helped me get a B!
He introduced me to Govinda- me- a snob when it came to Hindi movies, those days.
I helped him appreciate that all English music is not rubbish and he began to at least listen and eventually like The Beatles.
I became the Cadbury Jig Girl - the cheerleader to his batting and bowling prowess
He learnt to enjoy eating out and travelling- sometimes waking up early as well
And soon enough everyone assumed we were an "item" We did not correct the impression.

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
We spent a lot of time together and during some of the serious moments we decided we would take it full fledged if our parents agreed. Else we would part as friends. While I said that I am sure I would not have given up without a fight had there been a need.

My parents always knew he was my special someone.
During the convocation, we had our mutual friend ( God Bless her!) tag along but his mother guessed but did not mention it,

He landed a job in Chennai and I found mine in Mumbai. A few months passed- not entirely enjoyable due to his absence. . .But we were on to new jobs and had enough to occupy ourselves with.

The New Beginning
By August I was wondering if he was commitment shy and whether he would formally figure it out with his Godfather like Family.
Then during my off site internship , he came over after seeking special permission - crossed at least one sea to get there if not the seven seas. He said that his folks had agreed. No fuss at all.

And thus started a new story.....


Sunita said...

lovely love story...very neat:)

Collection Of Stars said...

Thatwas so sweet and so well written :)

Itchingtowrite said...

very nicely done!! though i knew the entire version,.. it still had the freshness! why didn't u include your mom's role here!! (sorry! shud not look like i am trying to tel your story, but to me that was a very interesting part as she had the mom's instinct to understand u as she does in choosing clothes for u!)

Choxbox said...

man, we all lead such filmi lives :)

Fuzzylogic said...

That was such a cute story art and I loved the way you brought it out in bits and pieces:)Love blossomed at maternity home eh?now,that's interesting:)

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful story, Art. well narrated - with such apt titles.

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Cute story with titles to match too :)

Alan said...

Great story Art. I enjoyed reading it.

Just Like That said...

Lovely story and what was even nicer was the way you related it, Loved your subtitles! :-)

Swati said...

What a cute lovestory ..indeed filmy :) Good that you did the 5 tag ..else I would have missed this post :)