October 29, 2007


Anush figures if her mom's hawaiis are too big for her, maybe they are not too big for her shoes??!!

Anush saw me rocking the empty chair next to mine and she said " Don't okay? Dhamaa dhoom falling chair!" ( repeating my instructions to her)

She told her dad who was trying to cuddle her at bed time- " Appa let me sleep!"

Seeing an Abhishekam at a temple she exclaimed" Ganesha having bath!!"

She sights planes from the balcony and then as they disappear from view, she says" Plane gone home okay."
Oh yes, Anushka's antics have made it to India Blogs list- see link on the right

If you eat a Kit Kat in the USA it is positively different from the one in India. The Indian one belongs to Nestle(like the whole world except USA) while the US one belongs to Hershey. Discovered this after a most interesting episode on Hershey's township in Pennsylvania on Travel & Living my favourite channel these days. Will someone send me some from the US??

We have been "blessed" with a river view property without paying for it- the drainage is so bad that one day of heavy rain this weekend has left the Velachery Main road looking like a river- luckily our flat is at an elevation - so no problem with in the building....


Rex Fashions in Velachery is still not fully set up- it is alright in terms of the kids section - I find Shanti's better. Kobler a shoe shop near Sankaar Hall TTK road is really good in terms of its collection and the service.


Altoid said...

Ok. You'll get a consignment of "Amrikaan" Kitkat, so what do I get in return? :P

Artnavy said...

The desi version will do?

Rohini said...

Heard about the floods from the news. Hope all is well.

Parul said...

That piece of trivia about KitKat was quite cool...made me go *hmmm* and immediate crave for a 500 calorie snack!

Anushka is really cute...but you have heard that a million times already, aye?

minerva said...

Hi there,
I discovered your blog recently and thoroughly enjoyed going thru it. I live in Chennai, and my daughter is about the same age as Anushka and I can relate a lot to some of your narrations. I live in Adyar and can relate to your Velcahery-happenings too.

Keep the great writing coming


Artnavy said...

rohini- all is WELL just that i could not catch a movie on the weekend :-))

parul- it is good to hear it again

minerva- thanks and see u around

Altoid said...

Ha! Me and chocolate!!!!!!!! Kabhi nahi!

You've got to do better than that Art, got another 20 days or so :D

Artnavy said...

altoid- Polka dot material then for a nice polka dot dress??

Altoid said...

Hm, I dont know how you figured I love polka, but as a good friend of mine says, my age doesnt exactly synchronize with wearing a polka dotted "frock" as he puts it. But thanks for suggesting it anyway.

Now, you'll surely be getting those kitkats.

Choxbox said...

now i also want a kitkat.

Fuzzylogic said...

Having tasted both the versions I think the Indian one is certainly seems more sweeter. If you do want a consignment just let me know:)

~nm said...

Just loved this phrase "Dhamaa dhoom falling chair!" Mind if I use it too? :D

And I had such a laugh at the river view property without paying for it! :D

Artnavy said...

of course yes nm and fuzzy