October 18, 2007

God's own Country

Was in Cochin and Alleppy yesterday on work. Yeah! Lucky me.

Cochin, Kochi, Eranakulam, Alleppy, Allapuzha- so many names - the place is breathtaking.

While it was a whirlwind trip, here are some observations-
Retail: The way the hardware stores, fruit, veggie shops wares are displayed is really beautiful
Waterways: It reminds one of a slightly dirty Amsterdam and one of my good friends has moved from here to Amsterdam- I am sure he is often reminded of home.
Bridges: Many around and some have collapsed- rather frightening

Nature- Truly nature has been generous to this state

This trip made me wish my grandpa had not given away the ancestral property ....:-((

And yes do not miss this: The night train takes you from Delhi to........ read on


starry said...

Nice pictures. I will be visiting kerala in december when I go to India.looking forward to that.

Fuzzylogic said...

It's really god's own country. I simply loved Aleppy and the boatride. Did you guys stay over on the houseboat?

Choxbox said...

Kerala has been on my places-to-go list for ages. Even planned couple of times and somehow it got shot down. Maybe next year..
Lovely pic and lucky you!

Artnavy said...

starry/ choxbox- yes u must visit

no fuzzy- went on work and only a day trip at that

Sunita said...

You were in my home town but surprisingly I have never been on those house boats all these years we have been vacationing there.