September 17, 2007

Nineteen to the dozen

Anush is very talkative compared to others her age. Well she has to take after me me in something ....

Apart from making up songs, she keeps reciting rhymes often to herself. Current favourites are Bits of paper and Are you sleeping....

There is a very sad rhyme on a homeless Butterfly ( who wrote such stuff for kids?)
Anush's verison is more palatable" Butterfly butterfly, where you come? HOME!!!!"

Petrified as she is about flies, she sings "Shoo fly bother me !!" ( omits the don't)

Yesterday we took her when we went to see Dhamaal. She kept saying "Chak de" as we were entering ( the last movie we took her to at the same theatre)

When Prem Chopra spoke haltingly, she was concerned " Uncle sleeping- oova ( hurt) - crying" and when I said " No baby- Uncle joking" she looked reassured.

Made a mental note to distract her when the movie scenes are sad/ tough.

Anyway, overall the movie was funny and "slapsticky"

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