August 25, 2007

S square

Not not Shilpa Shetty- Sandesh Shandilya - why should you know him?

Well, he has composed some very haunting melodies-
K3G- Sooraj Hua Maddham
Agni Varsha

And for me, when I was a teenager he was an upcoming assistant to a music background score provider who stayed upstairs in our Andheri apartment.

Of course, I thought he was talented but you do not think such things happen to people you know.

Good to say I know an obscurity to popularity story. Why have I mentioned this here now, well I just heard the Agni Varsha songs after a long time and loved" Prem ki Varsha"


Something to Say said...

yeah...and did you know Madhavan - as in THE Madhavan - was Bala's PG???

Artnavy said...

yes and i thought he was groovy

recollect how bala was so J since he thought he was SRK