August 26, 2007

Rat at to ee

Saw the show on Sunday. A delightful little movie- Ratatouille.

"Anyone can cook" was a best seller by the great Chef Gustav. His fan, Remy, a genius cook of humble origin- a rat- helps revive the magic of Gustav's restaurant after his death.

The critic who pans the restaurant and causes the untimely death of Gustav looks so like Sherlock Holmes. An awkward garbage boy , an arrogant & money minded chef who takes over from Gustav, an ensemble of chefs similar to Cheeni Kum in recent times and the rat's family led by a father ( who reminded me of the old man in Everybody loves Raymond) and an adorable brother complete the cast.

That a simple well made dish reminiscent of mom's cooking wins over the critic is really sweet.

The voice over casting is fantastic. The animation is of course lively and exciting.The fairy tale ending was expected, given that it is from Walt Disney and more for kids.

Lovable and sweet, this movie is not just another children's movie but is bound to leave a feeling of bonhomie.


Tharini said...

hmmm...sounds interesting. will remember this.

Choxbox said...

same as tharini. will check it out soon.


Anonymous said...

ooooooh someone else who's seen this. i saw it and absolutely loved it. it has the magic of story telling, something that most of the slickly made animation movies have completely forgotten. without giving away too much, the scene of the critic eating the soup, is to die for!

How do we know said...

umm.. i wasnt plannning to see this movie, but u sure make me want to change my mind :-)

Something to Say said...

o we've been seeing traillers for a while now...must catch it then..

the mad momma said...

you are tagged!

Artnavy said...

all of u must watch it

mad,momma- will do the tag