July 04, 2007

स्री लक्ष्मी सुन्दरवल्ली

I always wanted a name that began with A for my child. Navy had no problem with that for his child. So that made naming our child far simpler. Neither of us were in favour of a conventional or an esoteric name. It had to have Indian roots though.

Not one to busy himself too much, Navy asked me to come up with a few names for boys and for girls which I equally liked. So that we would agree on any that he chose. I picked my few after having ensured that they sound good with his name suffixed.

My list read:

Anushka- Very international and yet very Indian. Meant the favoured one , lightening & one with no enemies (in Sanskrit) and the youngest (in Russian)

Aditi- a name I wanted for myself when I was a child, being a big fan of Aditi De in Quiz Time or some Business Quiz

Ankita- Just sounded nice and musical

Arnav- a union of Navy and my name, meant the Deep Ocean I think

Adwait- fairly uncommon boy name

Anirudh- same as Anushka, Global Indian type.

Navy picked Anushka and Arnav. In the end Anushka won. Not quite sure if there will be an Arnav or not.: - )

The fine print: We spelt it without an O since the sitarist spells it so . Our Anush had to be her own person. That we were sure of! And the title- Sri Lakshmi Sundaravalli - is Anuhska's ceremonial name ( both her grandmas' names)


~nm said...

I think Anushka is a very pretty name. And its good you left out the 'o' from the name. I always thought it was an extra with no need as such in the sitarists name. You know the kinds where people add an extra 'a' or extra 'n' or just about any extra letter for looking different or for fortune purposes.

Anushka is very pretty and looks just adorable!

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Anushka is a lovely name. Adwait has become fairly common these days

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks for doing the take

Hip Grandma said...

We named our daughters Priya and Prasanna using the first letters from our names as starters.I was wonering if you had something similar in mind.Anush is a cute pet name and BOL for Arnav

Fuzzylogic said...

Anushka is a beautiful name and we ourselves had that in our list:)I'm glad you decided to drop that O!
Arnav however is a nice name but fast becoming very common as I know atleast 4 kids already by that name.
About the new look I'm still trying to figure them all out together:) I think i can use some help in deciphering them!

Now let me go catch up on your travelogues too:)

Orchid said...

Art...anushka is a beautiful name! I had decided on Aditi if I had a girl and that didn't happen but my son's name is very much on your list- the "global Indian"...so we have similar tastes in names!

namvor said...

a friend here has 2 kids -one is called anirudh and the other anoushka (yeah they spell it with an 'o')! what a coincidence!

artnavy said...

fuzzy- hope u enjoy the travel write ups

namvor- wow that IS a conincidence

orchid- thanks and same pinch?

N said...

Anushka is certainly a lovely name.

Kodi's Mom said...

you don't know how close her name is to mine :)
btw, Arnav, Aditi and Anirudh were on our shortlist too...Anirudh was out because my cousin is named so..and Aditi lost out because, contrary to popular belief, K turned out to be a 'he'!!