June 04, 2007

Shrek 3

The frog king croaks and needless to say Shrek proves accident prone even as an acting king, grossly so at times. ( check out the fiddler scene)

So Shrek, along with Donkey and Don Juan Puss in Boots set sail literally, on their quest for the heir- Arthur. A misfit with not even an iota of self confidence. They are helped quite by chance by a loony magician. He manages to swap the bodies of Shrek's two comrades as well.

The spurned Prince Charming is the villain of the piece and tries to usurp the throne, But no fairy tale ending for him.

The spoofs are amazing- I loved the Head & Shoulders kind of shot with Charming when he describes his good qualities! And when Snow White croons a la Julie Andrews, (to distract the evil tree guards) only to give way to a very black and dark rock song. The Dragon-Donkey babies are very endearing.

Sleeping Beauty dropping off all the time was a little too direct. The " villians" deciding to believe in themselves and turning over anew leaf was very fairy tale-ish but well that is what Shrek is anyway.

Apart from other things , it highlights the diffidence that possibly many of us suffer from - Will we be good enough at XYZ- at being a ruler? at parenting?

The movie ends with three Shreklets- to look forward to in Shrek 4?


Altoid said...

:) The scenes with the donkey-dragon kids were too cute and original along with the mad magician bits. The rest were quite predictable, I thought. Shrek 3 didnt have the originality in dialogues and characterization that 1 had or even 2, for that matter.

Kodi's Mom said...

I am a huge shrek fan and this is on my must-see list...what I love best abt the series is their dig at Disney and sarcasm on just abt anything saccharine. will update with my review when I catch this one.

The Kid said...

ooooh shreklets... must be really cute... a must see!

A Little Light said...

I liked the scenes were shrek advices arthur 'if somebody calls you a loser,it doesn't mean that you are one' and how he slowly started learning to believe in himself..have u seen pirates yet?

namvor said...

just saw 'cars'. yeah i am that pathetic when it comes to movies. so shrek 3 maybe next year!

starry nights said...

I loved shrek 1 the best,have not seen shrek 3 yet.Is there really going to be a shrek 4.

itchingtowrite said...

not seen any of the shreks may be i will see it with the kids
they luv cartoons

artnavy said...

shrek 1 was really good- u must watch it itchy

then it becomes too much of a good thing- so u learn to expect and predict

namvor- come to india and thou shall be spoilt by me

a little light- wise words na- my father always says not everyone is equipped to judge others- in fact no one- to thine own self be true

kodi's mom- will await your review

Just like that said...

Saw one Shrek and loved it- dunno whether it was 1 or 2. Definitely intend seeing Shrek 3, Sonny boy's already glued to the promos.
They are horrendously cute, aren't they?

Just like that said...

Ps I saw the one in which Shrek gets to regain his love at the end inspite of the love-potion the fairy godmother makes to make her fall in love with that bit of nasty business.

namvor said...


thats another reason to move back to india then!